When one proposes to put forth the study of the signs of the times, one will find hundreds of books and internet sites dedicated to the topic.  These sources are written by all different sorts of denominations within Christianity.  This wealth of information can be a daunting task to comb through, not to mention frustrating to understand.

Of course, the best source we have pertaining to the signs of the times is the scriptures.  But even if you are an avid reader of scripture, understanding the metaphorical language past seers used can be extremely mind numbing…especially if you have tried to read Isaiah.

With that, I don’t claim to know everything about the events and signs that will and are currently unfolding in our day.  Everything that I will write in this blog has been and will be researched even further using our best source, the scriptures, and other books and publications.  Probably the best book that I have read on the topic of identifying and comprehending the signs of the times is Donald W. Parry and Jay A. Parry’s book, Understanding the Signs of the Times.

In order to avoid any plagiarism and to give credit where credit is due, I will always refer to the scriptures, books and other publications in my posts.  This also will give credence to my opinions and speculations on the topics discussed.

The book above identifies 103 specific signs that have taken place, are currently taking place, and will take place before Christ’s return.  Each of these signs is classified into 11 distinct categories.  The categories, with the number of specific signs, is listed below:

  1. Preparing for the Second Coming – 7 signs
  2. The Gathering of Israel – 16 signs
  3. The Holy Land – 9 signs
  4. New Jerusalem and Zion – 11 signs
  5. The State of Affairs on the Earth Prior to The Second Coming – 12 signs
  6. Wars and Rumors of Wars – 8 signs
  7. Today’s Babylon – 3 signs
  8. The Judgments of God upon the Wicked – 8 signs
  9. Wonders and Signs in the Earth and in the Heavens – 4 signs
  10. Christ’s Second Coming – 12 signs
  11. Scriptural Parallels of the Signs – 13 signs

Studying and recognizing the signs of the times is a passion of mine. I hope to share this knowledge with the world and hope you enjoy Signs of the Last Days blog posts on Empyrean Books.