I would like to introduce the all new Worlds Without End series lineup. With the coming release of The Prophecy, I wanted to recreate the covers to match the style, characters, and settings for which the story arc is turning. Plus, I wanted to play with my newfound Photo Shop skills, which are getting better.

Worlds Without End: The MissionWorlds Without End: The Mission (Book 1)

For a lot of years, I thought the cover for the first book in the series was basic. I wanted to add some mystery too it. In this new version the background represents Terrest with its two moons. I placed the wormhole in the upper right corner and an image of Celeste in the upper left corner. I think with just one character, the cover adds intrigue, which will grasp the attention of more readers. Plus, the cover looks like it was created by a professional graphic artist. I stayed with the same fonts for the title, Book Antiqua, because . . . well I think it looks great. In addition, I’ve added glow and 3D elements to the main and subtitle of the book.

Worlds Without End: AftermathWorlds Without End: Aftermath (Book 2)

The new Aftermath cover, in my humble opinion, is one of the best covers in the series. Along with the Redemption cover, I think this one looks the most like a big budget movie poster. The new Aftermath cover is the only cover that is completely different from the original. I photo-shopped in images of Jake Palmer and Celeste Chast in the top left and right corners of the cover. Jake is looking at Celeste and Celeste seems to be looking past him, almost as if she is concerned for his safety. The background is of Earth under attack and represents the meteor shower from one of the scenes of the book.

Worlds Without End: The ProphecyWorlds Without End: The Prophecy (Book 3)

The cover for Worlds Without End: The Prophecy is the one that had the least amount of changes. This is because, well, just because I thought the cover was already cool. In this new cover I photo-shopped in the characters representing Koroan Chast and Macaria, the two primary antagonists of the books. The background is of Earth with the forces of evil and good clashing over the planet in search of the elusive golden plate of Earth. In the previous cover, I placed three gold plates on the planet. In this new version, I thought one would work the best, adding mystery and intrigue. After all, one of the great qualities of an awesome book cover is that you don’t want give too much away.

Worlds Without End: The MissionWorlds Without End: Redemption (Book 4)

The updated Redemption cover experienced a few changes. With my newfound skills, I photo-shopped the characters representing Koroan Chast, Celeste, and Jake in the top of the cover. I continued with the red theme because of the book’s title. Christ spilled his blood and redeemed our souls from sin if we accept His gospel. In this cover the red doesn’t represent Christ’s blood, but represents the redemption of several key characters and groups of people. The background represents the planets of Terrest and Gnolom. The image in the background is of the dark prince. It depicts a scene in the book, which will be surprising to say the least. Click on the book cover or here to see the full size cover.

In addition to the updated and new covers, the first two books will be getting somewhat of a makeover. I will be deleting some scenes and adding others in the first two books to match the story arc of The Prophecy and Redemption. These new versions will be released about the same time as The Prophecy.

Worlds Without End: The Prophecy Update:

The Prophecy is coming along nicely. I am writing in it everyday and just finished chapter 13. I am almost finished with chapter 14. I’ve outlined 20 total chapters for the book. My hope is to have the rough draft of the manuscript completed by August 31, 2015. From there, it will go to my editor. Then the formatting work begins.

What do you think of the new covers? Let me know in the comments below.