I don’t know about the rest of you but when it was announced that Disney had bought Lucas Film and therefore the rights to George Lucas’s franchise, I was wondering what kind of spin Disney would put on the fabled franchise. Would they botch it entirely, or would they continue where Lucas left off?

I am a Star Wars fan through-and-through, which is evident by my books. So when the first three prequels came out in the early 2000’s I was excited to see how Anakin Skywalker evolved from the good side of the force to the dark side. While many people criticized the films for poor acting and poor story development, I thought they were good. The only one I would question would be The Phantom Menace. It would have definitely been better without that goofy Jar Jar Binks character.

But after Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, we were left with no hope for any more Star Wars films. George Lucas had announced that he was done. This left many fans to continue their Star Wars fixes through novels, comics, and cartoons. Then in January 2013, Disney announced that J.J. Abrams would direct a new film in the Star Wars canon. What was even better was the news that familiar characters that fans have come to love would play significant roles in the movie. And to make nerdy Star Wars fans even more delirious with hysteria was the news that the original actors would reprise those roles.

With so much going on in the Star Wars universe is it any wonder fans are giddy with excitement? Now, today, November 28, 2014, Disney has just released the first teaser trailer for The Force Awakens, which is scheduled to hit theaters in December 2015.

Let us know what you think. I think that new light saber that Sith Lord is carrying in the woods is awesome. Also, the Millennium Falcon footage was impressive. Can’t wait!