The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson is a book that is a must read for not only people looking to improve their lives, but for people who need motivation and support. The Slight Edge is by far one of the best self-improvement books that I have ever read. The concepts about success and improvement are so simple, yet I needed to read them in a book to understand them. This book has given me a foundation for a success philosophy that will bring all my dreams of success into reality.

For instance, Olson states in the foreword:

“What the Slight Edge philosophy is meant to do is give you a philosophy that will become a filter for every decision you make. It will give you a way to apply great information in your life in a way that will produce lasting results. It is the missing ingredient to making change happen!”

Since reading this book, I have developed my own personal success philosophy, and it works. Granted, I haven’t seen the monetary riches from applying the principles yet, but, as the book teaches, patience and application of the concepts will develop a foundation for success. In fact, by applying the principles, I have already noticed a change in my thinking from one of worry and negativity to one of hope and faith. Consequently, there is no doubt in my mind that the goals that I have for myself and my family will become a reality because of The Slight Edge philosophy that I have developed.