Worlds Without End


Book 4

Coming Soon!

The epic conclusion to the Worlds Without End series!

Calum Palmer has come of age. The chosen one, now known as Cain Chast, is 33-years-old. Under the guardianship and tutelage of Macaria and Koroan Chast, he now begins what he was destined to become – to rule the galaxy. With his unique ability to translate the Terrestrian plate, he will bring worlds without end to the subjugation and tyranny of Gnol rule. As Calum’s power grows, however, something doesn’t sit right with him, leading him on a journey for the truth about his true mother and father. A journey that could lead him to redeem the Gnols and Terrestrian people or one that could cause him to rule the Milky Way Galaxy with an iron fist.

Meanwhile, on Terrest, the Gnol Empire is flourishing. With the conquest of other worlds, thanks to Cain Chast, the Gnols are now the most formidable force in the galaxy with a military might unrivaled by any other world. But that authority is questioned with the mysterious liberation of slave camps throughout Terrest by an unknown entity.

The news of Terrestrian slaves being freed reaches Celeste Chast as she continues to be held prisoner in her frozen prison, leading her on a quest to escape so that she can reach her son before it is too late. But in her efforts, she discovers a truth about her very own father that will shake her to the very core.

The epic conclusion to the Worlds Without End series pits the forces of good and evil against one another on a quest for dominion over the galaxy in a story of despair, hope, and redemption. Will Calum Palmer become who he was meant to be – the Chosen One – or will he bow down to the will of Macaria and Koroan and become something else – something more terrifying than even the evil itself?

Worlds Without End: Redemption